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The definition of sex is a subject of dispute that impacts arguments on the binary nature of sex. Issues surrounding the definition revolve around the appropriate level of broadness so as to encompass all natural sexual phenomena as well as avoiding special pleading as it relates to the definition within the human species or as it relates to certain politically-motivated anthropocentric claims.

The proper definition of sex is that sex corresponds to the ability of a diploid life form to participate to a reproductive act as part of the meiotic cycle (the life cycle between organisms, such as individual human beings, and gametes, such as sperm and egg). Alternative, incorrect definitions are often used to blur the boundaries between male and female in liberal arguments on the non-binary nature of sex.

Definition:Sex is the ability of a diploid-dominant life form to participate to a sexual reproductive act as part of the meiotic cycle
Definition:Sex is based on chromosomes
Definition:Sex is based on hormones
Definition:Sex is based on secondary sexual characteristics
Definition:Sex is based on sexual organs