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Volunteers needed

We are currently looking for volunteer editors for the following tasks. You do not need to ask permission to become one, just take on the task and start contributing!

  • Going around the Internet for a survey of subjects of controversy and filling the Wanted claims page with ideas on things that aren't covered yet on
  • Creating new pages on arguments, mathematical proofs, fact-checks, etc, on any subject present in Wanted claims or not.
  • Creating the Editing namespace to start laying out guides for the new contributors and editing guidelines as to what leads to decisions on the encyclopedia. For instance, what categories can a factual claim be in? Possible, possible with some support, false, ... How will we set the standards for each category?
  • Start writing a guide in the Editing namespace explaining the functionality of Template:Claim and other functions of the encyclopedia.
  • Start monitoring fact-check websites in order to identify the kind of fallacies and detoured "debunking" strategies we will have to call out, and edit the Fallacy namespace accordingly by cataloging every way in which an argument can be deceptive, false, fallacious, etc...
  • Feel free to add your own ideas here! JFG (talk) 21:20, 22 January 2022 (UTC)
Recently Edited in Mathematics
2022-02-08 22:09 Pi is transcendental
2022-01-24 18:48 Prime factorization is unique
2022-01-23 22:20 If a prime divides a product it divides one of the factors
2022-01-23 14:13 Every rational number has an irreducible representation
2022-01-23 04:40 The square root of 2 is irrational
2022-01-22 20:59 Any integer bigger than 1 is the multiple of a prime
2022-01-22 20:59 An integer and its successor are co-prime
2022-01-22 20:59 There are infinitely many primes
Recently Edited in Biology and Medicine
2022-02-09 17:37 Charles Darwin Committed Plagiarism
2022-02-05 19:51 People are born gay
2022-01-27 14:28 Biological sex is not binary
2022-01-27 04:49 The mind is quantum in nature
2022-01-27 03:35 Race exists
2022-01-23 05:28 Ivermectin has beneficial effects against SARS-COV-2
2022-01-23 01:36 SARS-COV-2 has never been isolated
2022-01-22 21:14 Prophylaxis is wrong
2022-01-22 21:14 Viagra can cure COVID-19
Recently Edited in History
2022-04-16 01:45 Russia lied about the sinking of the Moskva
2022-02-14 02:12 Germany is responsible for World War I
2022-01-27 23:42 The First Crusade was an unprovoked war of aggression
2022-01-22 21:07 Structural Liberalism
Recently Edited in Philosophy
2022-01-25 22:11 The is/ought gap
2022-01-23 23:30 Denial of the is/ought gap
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2022-03-12 05:26 Article:Why the word 'freedom' is such a useful rallying cry for protesters
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