Viagra can cure COVID-19

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Viagra can cure COVID-19 is a claim purported to be fact-checked in an Associated Press article. The article fails at demonstrating an absence of positive effect of Viagra on some of the respiratory symptoms of COVID-19, and some early studies appear to show a potentially helpful effect[1]. Therefore, the claim remains possible with some support.

Statement of the claim Viagra can cure COVID-19
Level of certainty Possible with some support
Nature Factual
Counterclaim Viagra has no helpful effect on COVID-19
Dependent on

SARS-COV-2 exists
Viagra treats pulmonary hypertension

Dependency of


  1. Santamarina, et al. (January 3, 2022) Sildenafil for treating patients with COVID-19 and perfusion mismatch: a pilot randomized trial. Critical Care 26:1. Accessed on January 16, 2022.