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Needs better differentiation of Mind and Brain -- is there already a relevant page for this?

I haven't got to setting up the structure for this but there will definitely be one. It will be based on the Namespace Definition: and so for instance you can already put your thoughts in either Definition:Brain, Definition:Mind or Definition:Brain vs. Mind and eventually I'll link the namespace to our claims data. Excellent idea to be covering this topic, I love it! However I think your text should be worked on. I'd like to see some citations to confirm what really is the statement of people in this field and also I'm not sure the problem of "hypercomplexity" of the quantum computations is a problem for the theory. The universe is making quantum computations at all points apparently without any issue. I think the problem with the theory will lay more into the question of whether it states anything meaningful about the mind. As I often say "if your theory of mind applies to a pile of shit, then it's not a theory of mind. And it seems to be that a pile of shit is also quantum in nature." JFG (talk) 18:59, 18 January 2022 (UTC)